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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vision Size

At a recent Retreat we spoke about how to clarify the vision that God gives us. People often have radically different size visions, despite having a lot in common they can be on entirely different vision wavelengths. Here’s Ten Factors I borrowed from Will Mancini to consider in determining the size of your vision.
#1 The size of your God This isn’t a spiritual throw-in to get the list rolling. This is a very discernible feature in a person’s life. Some people have a more cultivated inner life and deeper awareness of God’s Word. Their ability to dream big comes from the big God that they walk with and serve each day.
#2  Exposure to others who “think big” Did you ever notice why many prominent leaders have children who are prominent leaders? Think of Andy Stanley or Franklin Graham, for example. When you are around others with a larger perspective, it rubs off. I am surprised sometimes how people tend to stay in a very confined space—geographically and relationally—for their entire lives.
#3 An active imagination Some people have a tenacious impulse to learn, ask questions and grow how they think. That kind of curious drive pays off. The imagination is your most powerful human ability. Do you exercise it much? Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.
#4 Sequences of risk taking This the ability to “stack risk-taking” and feel the momentum of one “leap of faith” after another. Many people take a risk or two and settle for the really good outcomes rather than continuing to find even more extraordinary results.
#5 Ability to focus gifting Most people know themselves but don’t have a fine-tuned understanding of precisely why God put them on earth. When you do, and when you focus that gifting, big things will result. The scope of your vision grows as your focus narrows.  Are you trying to do five things with your life or one thing?  
#6 Team and network building ability We all know wild dreamers who didn’t have a team. Your team building ability will dramatically enable of disable the size of your vision. In addition, Wisdom, access, ideas, and opportunities are increased through active network cultivation.  Wouldn’t you expect the vision of a pastor who networks to be bigger than one who doesn’t bother? How do you network?
#7  A goal oriented outlook daily Every person who achieves a big vision has a basic recipe for attacking the 24-hour unit of time we all possess. What is yours? Most people have three kinds of days in life:FREE DAYS - FOCUS DAYS - BUFFER DAYS
#8  Margin to write down your dreams People enjoy dreaming and writing down their “wish list” when given the time. That doesn’t take discipline— it’s one of the most exciting things you can do! Over and over again, you will see the common thread of big visionaries: Put it on paper
#9  Recovery from big failures Don’t underestimate the power of a good failure. Failures remind you that life is short. Failures expand your pain threshold. Failures purify and humble and bring powerful perspective.
#10 Graciousness and kindness to others There are people who excel at the first nine factors but in the end, they just aren’t that nice.  They don’t care about others. They don’t stay connected to their teams and their friends. They are so driven, they lose the human element in everything they do. So you might not think something this simple would make the “big vision” list. But it’s vital. How does “grace” look in your vision?
What areas of vision do you need to work on?