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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Climbing Mountains

This Sunday, September 21st is Back to Church Sunday in over 65,000 churches around the country. We've held this event at my church the last few years and it's usually a great day. This year we are trying something different. We are adding an outside "tailgate" party with free food, games, prizes, music, and giveaways. Our service will be outside as well. If you can't get the world inside the walls of the church then the church must come outside!

The Lord leads us to greater things if we will just follow Him. I heard a message recently by Louie Giglio about taking steps. He said there are three things to consider: 1. Life is short. There should be an urgency about our Christian lives. 2. God is big. He should be our only focus and drive. 3. Take the next steps. It's the only way to get here to there, across the room, or to the top of the mountain.

I love this quote, "The man at the top of the mountain was not placed there." We have to follow God in all we do. Even if it means doing things differently. Amen?