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Monday, September 15, 2014

Building Trust

Trust - it’s the foundation for living life and doing ministry. Trust is the critical component for healthy and effective families and churches. “As trust within an organization increases, so do output, moral, productivity and loyalty,” reports business strategist David Horsager in his book, The Trust Edge.He suggest 8 pillars for building (or rebuilding) trust with the people you lead. Do these principles transfer to your life and the church world? You bet!

At a recent Retreat we took stock of ourselves in trust issues. How do you rate in these trust-building qualities?
Clarity. People trust others who provide clear communication. Whether it’s vision for a new ministry, program goals, or what you put in your coffee—make it clear.
Compassion. It’s why everyone likes Mother Teresa. You don’t have to be a saint to show people you care.
Character. Do what’s right, not what’s easy. This may be a deal breaker if you don’t show your team biblical integrity.
Competency. You don’t have to be an expert is everything, but make sure you stay on top of your primary ministry focus.
Contribution. People want to trust that you’ll get the job done. And done right. Don’t settle for less than your best.
Commitment. The quickest way to build trust is to make and keep your commitments.
Connection. It’s all about relationships. Connect with those you lead—as friends. Volunteers will walk away from a task sooner than they’ll abandon a relationship.
Consistency. It’s why we trust Burger King. We get the same food in Tokyo as in Nebraska. Leadership consistency lets people know you’re dependable.

Which of these trust-builders you demonstrate most? ______

Which ones need improvement? __________________________