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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Micah transitions in the last three chapters to a time of restoration and renewal. David knew the key to being forgiven and revived. Who can climb Mount God? Who can scale the holy north-face? Only the clean-handed, only the pure-hearted;
Men who won’t cheat, women who won’t seduce.
God is at their side; with God’s help they make it.
This, Jacob, is what happens to God-seekers, God-questers. -The Message

In Micah 4:6-5:5 we see a description of how the Lord intends to prepare Jerusalem to be a glorious place at the head of all the earth. In 5:2-4 we first see the prophecy of Messiah being born in Bethlehem. Its name means the House of Bread. The Bread of life was born into the world there.

In Micah 5:10-15 we see that holiness is relying upon God’s ways and resources and turning from your own. Understand that God will eventually root out any dependence we show upon things that He has not established or way He has not directed.

What are some things we need to remove before the glorious King can fully reign in our lives?