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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Please God

Here's our application of Matthew 5:3-10 And Matthew 23:13-31 :

1. Don't do anything to keep people out of God's kingdom. Evangelize!

2. Don't take advantage of anyone, regardless of our rationale.

3. Don't mislead people into eternal destruction. Share the truth of the Gospel.

4. Don’t be covetous of physical, material, temporal, worldly things, but of spiritual.

5. Be compassionate, merciful, and gracious.

6. Be inwardly pure first, then you'll be outwardly pure automatically.

7. Don't make the lives of the righteous more difficult than they already are.

The more you know what God says, the more you’ll know about God’s will. - Warren

Be wise today and always – know how to please God.