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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Right and Wrong

There are right and wrong ways to please God. Jesus shows us both ways in the book of Matthew.

We see seven blessings on the righteous in Matthew 5:3-10:
1. Theirs is the kingdom of Heaven (3&10)
2. They shall be comforted (v. 4).
3. They shall inherit the land (v. 5).
4. They shall be filled (v. 6).
5. They shall obtain mercy (v. 7).
6. They shall see God (v. 8).
7. They shall be called sons of God (v. 9).

We see seven woes on the unrighteous in Matthew 23:13-31.
1. They kept people out of God's kingdom (v.13).
2. They took advantage of widows (v. 14)
3. They misled men to eternal destruction (v.15).
4. They were covetous of worldly things (16-22).
5. They refused to show compassion (vv. 23-24).
6. They were inwardly corrupt (vv. 25-28).
7. They afflicted the righteous (vv. 29-31).

While the beatitudes express the true way to please God, the woes express the wrong way to please Him.

Be wise today and always please God in all you do.